New releases

NEP 31 MORDAEHOTH - Limburgian Pagan Madness CD / LP

Dutch Pagan Black Metal since ‘95: The new album shows a cold and harsh return to the roots. Each format comes with different bonus (cover) tracks, hailing the days of old. All bonus tracks are on...

NEP 27 ACHERONTAS - Black Blood Ceremony CD / LP

Blood-chilling and top-quality live recording of the band’s 2o14 gig in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Greatly capturing the atmosphere of ACHERONTAS' live performance, this record will be unleashed in a...

NEP 95 REVENANT MARQUIS - Anti-universal Compassion LP

Black evil and gruesome misery from the bowels of Hellish obscurity.

Limited to 106 handnumbered copies.


NEP 94 HEINOUS - Lucifer Vult 7" EP

HEINOUS presents two new songs after their succesful 2018 debut demo.

Released in alliance with Medieval Prophecy Records.


NEP 93 VAAL - Ondood rehearsal TAPE

Sounding better than several contemporary Black Metal 'albums', this rehearsal presents VAAL with the full live lineup.
Pro-tape, cover on heavy, textured paper.
2nd press - black tapes with red print, cover on black heavy paper with black print.

Sold out!
2nd press: Available!

NEP 92 TRIUMPH, GENUS - Po vrhu vždy je prázdno kolébek CD/LP

The second full-length album by this Czech entity; moulding their Weltanschauung in stone-cold and bitter Black Metal.


NEP 91 RAVENZANG - Uit een Duister Verleden CD/LP

Debut full-length of this Dutch horde. 7 tracks of Dutch Black Metal; studio album by Vaal and Imperiosus.


NEP 90 RIDE FOR REVENGE - September Fires TAPE

Professional live recording of Ride for Revenge thundering at the Bestial Burst supershow in Finland and Doomsday Celebration fest in Holland.

Pro-tape in slipcased-sleeve. Limited to 100 copies.

Sold out!

NEP 87 BLOT & BOD - Ligæder CD

Danish Pagan Metal. Limited to 200 - pro-CD. Copper PMS-print on black paper sleeve.


NEP 86 SERPENT CREST - Hatemonger Hill TAPE

Combining the 'Freedom Disapeared From The World' and 'And Whose Ashes Still Glow' demo's from 2012, originally released by Yoke of Christ.

Extremely unsetteling and uncomfortable listening experience. Fold-out cover. Overseas distro by Tour-de-Garde from Canada. Limitation undisclosed.

Sold out!

NEP 85 GGUW - Gegen Gravitation und Willensfreiheit CD

Pro-CD edition with both 12"s on it. ASSERTION OF ANIMALITY --- Frantic, frenzied; against gravity and free will.

222 handnumbered copies. Layout with PMS-silver print on black paper.


NEP 84 HEINOUS - Heinous 10" mLP / MCD

The first offering of Hellgiums young horde HEINOUS: an infernal mælstrom of raw power, energy and remarkably insane vocals.

Issued as MCD and underground style 10" MLP, limited to 248 copies.

MLP: Sold out!
MCD: Available!

NEP 83 WROK / THE WAMPYRIC SPECTER - Excrement Terrorism on the Holy Trinity Part III 7" EP

Final part of the 'Excrement Terrorism on the Holy Trinity' split 7" EP trilogy; presenting the sickest and most depraved hordes of the Dutch underground. Exclusive tracks by THE WAMPYRIC SPECTER and WROK.

Limited to 400 handnumbered copies - 1st 100 in colored vinyl.


NEP 82 UUNTAR - Voorvaderverering LP

Pagan Black Hateful Metal proudly presented by Herjann and Nortfalke.

Uuntar (ancient Germanic for 'winter') is a humble dedication to warriors and their traditions long gone - both melancholic as wel as honourable. It is a nostalgic retrospect on old values and customes, inparticular focusing around burial rites, dolmens and grave mounds in the north-east of the Netherlands.

LP limited to 250 handnumbered copies. Comes with inlay including all lyrics. 
Split release with Heidens Hart.

Sold out!

NEP 81 SABBAT / PENTACLE - Split Picture 7" EP

Final part of this Sabbatical split Picture EP serie. Exclusive livetrack and exclusive artwork by Manuel Tinnemans.

The Sabbat songs from this trilogy are recorded at their 1997 gig in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Sabbat played the legendary Baroeg club as second date of their tour with Barathrum and Countess. This particular gig made quite the impression on me as a 16-years old: seeing those unique bands I've been worshipping for some years (after getting to know them through tape trading) live on stage for the very first time.

Later on I got the videotape Opyros of Nazgul's Eyrie/Barbarian Wrath recorded and noticed the sound was pretty good and the idea arose to release some tracks in one way or another. I always loved picture vinyl and this format gave the chance to make something aesthetically nice out of it: split EP's with three Dutch bands that shared the stage with SABBAT, the kings of Japanese Blacking Metal!


NEP 80 DEATHKEY - Emanations of Binaural Terror LP

Power-Electronics, cymatic weaponry, binaural terror and pineal frequency manipulation rituals harnessed by Antichrist Kramer. Carefully mastered & cut on heavy 12" LP with silver silk-screen on the B-side.

Comes with amazing packaging of a ritual map with instructions on 24"x12" fold out/gatefold cover and 12"x12" inlay in PMS silver printed on heavy black paper.

Limited to 369 handnumbered copies.


NEP 79 ORDER OF DARKNESS - Esoterik Satanism 10" mLP

New recordings blending primitive lo-fi Black Metal ORDER OF DARKNESS is known for with harsh noise/power-electronics.

Limited to 200 handnumbered copies.

Sold out!

NEP 78 COUNTESS – Ad Maiorem Sathanae Gloriam LP

The third album of Dutch Orthodox Black Metal cult entity COUNTESS. Originally released in 1995 on CD and now finally available on vinyl.

Limited to 500 handnumbered copies on traditional black vinyl. Comes with heavy inlay. Co-released with Heidens Hart.



NEP 88 KaoSatan Rises - LP & TAPE

KaoSatan Rises from the deepest pits and darkest realms.
A beast crawling out of the ancient underground and exuding Choronsonic manifestations of Kaos.
KaoSatan Rises explores the different phases of Kaos (magick) utilizing its unique symbols and colors and channeling it into an audial experience. If one dares to explore our sonic emanations ritualistically, one will be united with the Kaos realm that fits most to one's self. For those who dare to wander and wonder!!
888 realms through Kaosatan!

Turn on for Kaos, tune in to Satan and drop out to Rise.

Both limited to 88 copies - dedicated to the owner. All copies have been ritually consecrated with human blood, human ashes and by cemetery-burial.

Sold out!

NEP 77 HELLEWIJT - Leviathan Anno 1666 demo TAPE

After the "Dodenwichelaereij" demo from 2016 HELLEWIJT returns: under a blood red moon, the Jeneever infested typhoid plague will be spread widely across the seas and land of this miserable earth. Jeneever fueled hatred from the lowlands and sea will reign once again an can be heard in the composition of “Leviathan Anno 1666”.

Sold out!

NEP 76 LANZ / GROOVY TAUS - The Satanic Disco Holocaust Split TAPE

New Era productions worst selling artist, the maniacs of LANZ team up with the Satanic Backstabbers GROOVY TAUS, who are world's FIRST and ONLY Satanic Anti human Disco group.

Insane packaging, limited to 50 tapes.

Sold out!


Born from the evilish alliance of North & South of Hellgium, DIKASTERION preaches His unholy gospel, following the ancient path opened by entities as Barathrum, Archgoat, Beherit, Holy Death, ...

Pro-demo tape released by New Era Productions and Darkness Attack (USA)
10" MLP limited to 250 copies and MCD out now!

Tape: Sold out!
Tape: Re-press Available!
MCD & 10" MLP: Available!

NEP 74 SEIGNEUR VOLAND - Black Metal Blitzkrieg CD/LP

In 2004 New Era Productions organized the first Black Metal Blitzkrieg festival. On this controversial evening Seigneur Voland entered the stage together with Ad Hominem, Funeral Winds, Lustmoord, Infinity and Satanic Blood.  After a shitstorm of antifascist protest and media-coverage (even on national television) we anounced the cancellation of Ad Hominem and Seigneur Voland. On the evening itself the bands performed after all, showing the antifa scum we'll never give in, never give up, never forget and never forgive!! The gig was recorded on soundboard and is hereby available in it's sheer aggression and rawness. 

CD & LP: Available!


A fierce alliance has been forged in the darkness...  True Black Metal from Flemish and Dutch soil!
Exclusive new material by both hordes. Mastered by VK, cover with PMS-bronze print and golden CD! LP comes with heavy 12"x12" inlay.

Limitation undisclosed. Fuck your instagram, facebook & hipster crap. Dark War Eternal!

LP: Sold out!
CD: Available!

NEP 72 METALUCIFER - Ultra 20th Anniversary Gig 2xTAPE BOX

Their killer 20th anniversary 'Live in Japan' recording on a double-cassette.
Box with inlay with photo's & sticker. Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.

Sold out!

NEP 71 SABBAT - 30th Anniversary Gig 2xTAPE BOX

Their killer 30th anniversary 'Live in Japan' recording on a double-cassette.
Box with inlay with photo's & sticker. Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.

Sold out!

NEP 70 HEXEN HOLOCAUST - Heretical Dreadful Orgies 12" MLP

French Black/Death Metal horde anointed by the unholy semen of Satan.
Debut mini on vinyl: limited to 250 copies with inlay and A1 poster. Killer artwork by Chris Moyen.


NEP 69 WITTE WIEVEN - Silhouettes of an Imprisoned Mind 12" MLP

Debut mini-LP of this Dutch Sinister Metal entity.
Limited to 300 handnumbered copies of which the first 100 in black-smoke vinyl.


NEP 68 POSSESSION - Death Before Rebirth TAPE

Killer, professional live recording at the 2017 Doomsday Celebration festival.
Limited to 200 handnumbered tapes including black slipcase with silver print.


NEP 67 ORODRUIN - Unburying an Ancient Evil 12" MLP

Single-sided 12" including the 2017 demo of this old Dutch horde.
Black Metal the way it was meant to be!


NEP 66 HERETIC - Tape Traitors DCD

A monumental double-CD compiling the bands' five demos recorded between 1997 and 2002; plus a bunch of unreleased and rare demo tracks, outtakes and compilation tracks, for a total of 37 tracks / 2+ hours.


NEP 65 HERETIC - Devilworshipper CD

CD re-release of the 2003 album (which has been long out of print and hard to find), including no less than 11 (!) bonus tracks - being a completely unreleased demo version of this album.



ASSERTION OF ANIMALITY --- Frantic, frenzied; against gravity and free will.
--- In Memory of Wolfrano Ketzer. ---

Released on CS and LP by Fallen Empire Records and New Era Productions.
CS limited to 123 copies. Sold out!
LP limited to 351 copes. Available!

NEP 63 GEVLERKT - De Grote Sterfte CD / LP / TAPE

True Black Metal from the Netherlands, reflecting the filthy atmosphere of the lowlands swamps and the spirit of our olden scene, combined with excellent and catchy songwriting.

LP: comes with killer cover by Chris Moyen - includes inlay and limited to 100 handnumbered copies on purple vinyl!
Re-press on black vinyl limited to 200 handnumbered copies.
Tape: Limited to 100 copies on pro-tape. Silver print on black cover & tapes with bag.

1st press purple LP: Sold out!
2nd press black LP: Available!
Tape: Sold out!

CD: Available.

NEP 62 PENTACLE - The Fifth Moon MLP

Official re-release of PENTACLE's mighty 1996 debut MLP on 180 gr vinyl, gatefold cover and 12" x 22" inlay:
396 LP's on black & 100 on crystal-clear vinyl. Don't forget the ancient feeling.. it still rules!

Sold out!

NEP 61 VRIL - The Shadow Soul & The Black Sun LP / Picture LP

Azgorh from Australia presents this debut album of Vril-driven Black Metal.
CD released by Dark Adversary, vinyl by New Era Productions.

Regular LP limited to 100 copies including a pro-sleeve and two inlays. Sold out!
Picture LP with inlay (limitation undisclosed) Sold out!


Vinlandic Pagan Madness. Full-lenth debut album limited to 200 copies with inlay.


NEP 59 KVASIR'S BLOOD - Aloft on Winds of the Ancients LP

Vinlandic Pagan Madness. Debut with bonus tracks, pressed on vinyl in 100 copies and available only as set with 'W.O.T.A.N.' LP through the mailorder.

Sold out!

NEP 58 VAAL - Geesten van de Verlorenen CD / LP

Debut full-length by this Dutch True Black Metal horde, keeping the tradition of hate alive!

LP limited to 200 copies. Sold out!
CD: available!

NEP 57 CULTUS - Gezeteld in Zegeruïnen LP

New Era Productions strengthens it's alliance with Heidens Hart with the release of the 'Gezeld in Zegeruïnen' LP: 
One of the oldest Dutch Pagan Black Metal hordes, CULTUS, return with Black Hateful Metal.
A victorious manifestation of shining, eternal, death within!

Limited edition LP with heavy, art-paper inlay.


NEP 56 HERETIC / POX - Hell's Messiah 7" EP

HERETIC teamed up with the mighty POX from Flanders for a collectors item on black vinyl.

HERETIC recorded a COUNTESS-classic for the occasion: Hell’s Rock And Roll. As a bonus, Sex & Death, originally by Motörhead, is added. POX did an original and Death Messiah (Ancient Rites).

This gem is limited to 250 copies worldwide.


NEP 55 SABBAT / COUNTESS - Split Picture EP

Second part of a trilogy of Sabbat live picture EP's, containing their first Dutch gig in Rotterdam, 1997. For this one, the Japanese Cult Hamaguri Blacking Metal legends join forces with Dutch cult orthodox Black Metal band COUNTESS. 'The Wrath of Satan's Whore' and 'Aleidis' recorded live at their come-back gig at Veneration of the Dead festival (with excellent soundbord-quality recording)

Killer design by Brianvdp, including inlay and limited to a traditional 666 copies!


NEP 54 SATHANAS - Ripping Evil 10" MLP

‘Ripping Evil’ was originally recorded in July 1988 and released as a demo tape same year. A Flemish alliance of the mighty Midian Creations & Reaper Records re-released it in 1993 as a 7" vinyl. Later, in 2002, this recording was part of the ‘Jaws of Satan’ compilation CD, consisting of early Sathanas and Bathym recordings, released by From Beyond Productions from Holland.

Now, 2017, Dutch labels Slowrunner Records & New Era Productions dragged this masterpiece of cult US Blackened Death Metal filth out of the darkness once again. Behold this special 10" vinyl edition! So even to old age and gray hairs, O Sathanas, do not forsake us, until we proclaim your might to another generation, your power to all those to come...

100x handnumbered on crystal clear with black splatter vinyl and 200x handnumbered on solid black vinyl. Single-sided 10".



'Hybris', the sixth studio album of Dutch Occult Black Metal masters INFINITY.
A 53 minute mystical journey through the darkest depths of the underworld: released on CD, double-LP, tape & digital.
‘Hybris’ is recorded, mixed and mastered at Necromorbus Studio by Tore Stjerna.

CD, DLP on black vinyl and limited edition of 100 copies in white/transparant marble vinyl AVAILABLE.


Remastered from the direct audio source; killer recording from 2005 live in Flanders. Official version of the shitty bootleg from over a decade ago. This is a piece of underground filth: pornographic and politically-incorrect, raw and extreme! Cruel layout by Brianvdp.

Cassette limited to 88 copies: Sold out!
Diehard LP limited to 106 copies: Sold out!

LP limited to 500 copies: Available!
6-panel digipak, limited to 500 copies: Available!

NEP 51 SABBAT - 黒呪炎 7" EP

Sabbat performing their legendary track 'Black Fire' at the Midlands festival in Japan in 1986. Killer soundboard recording. Single-sided 7" on black-smoke in transparant red vinyl.
Clip can be seen here:

1st edition: Limited to 114 copies. MAILORDER ONLY release. Sold out!
2nd edition: 300 copies in black vinyl with pro-printed cover & obi strip:

NEP 50 ALLERSEELEN - Anubis / Chairete Daimones 7" EP

NEP 50: Brandnew 7" by Austrian ALLERSEELEN: experimental, post-industrial and military pop music.

Limited edition of 200 copies on white vinyl. Mailorder copies will come with extra sleeve with golfoil-printing and wil receive marbled ones (while supply lasts).

Sold out!

NEP 49 INTOLITARIAN - Berserker Savagery digipak-CD

European press of the rare debut album. 6 panel digipak edition with alternative layout.

Berserkergrind noisecore onslaught!


NEP 48 GEVLERKT - Vermolmd Cassette-EP

New Era Productions is extremely proud to release the debut cassette EP of this new Dutch horde. Limited to 200 copies on pro-tape. Silver print on black cover & tapes. 100 regular and 100 in 'mailorder-only' special edition.

US edition licensed to Darkness Attack.

Sold out!

NEP 47 INTOLITARIAN - Extermination Campaign CD/TAPE

"Extermination Campaign" documents the two most important shows (one in Finland, the other in Vinland) from the 2015 world wide campaign of hatred, intolerance and WAR from the most extreme band in the world, INTOLITARIAN.

Led by Antichrist Kramer and featuring two completely different mercenary deployments for each chosen strike, this release documents the first time INTOLITARIAN unleashed uncontrolled explosions of rage, hatred and cymatic war directed at both sets of victims on each respective soil.

There are no overdubs nor clean pristine sound to be found on this release, so audiophile nerd faggots can fuck off. This release exists solely as a documentation of attack as well as to satiate the lust for extreme hatred of Hate Legion Disciples within all 4 corners of the earth, This release is solely for loyal maniacal suicide bombers and the die hard Hate Legion Disciple terrorists.

Digipak-CD limited to 500, pro-tape limited to 100. LP released by Final Agony from the US.

CD vailable, TAPE sold out!

NEP 46 DEATHROW - A Monument of Sorrow CD

Fronted by Thorns (Darvaza, Blut Aus Nord, Acherontas), this Italian horde breaks the silence with a new recording of 6 headscrushing Black-Metal tracks with characteristic vocals.

Sold out!

NEP 45 COUNTESS - Into Battle.. CD / TAPE

The 1996 Live-CD that never saw the light of day back then, finally officially released. Killer professional live recording including all the early-day classics from this Dutch cult horde!

Tape limited edition of 100 tapes. Sold out!
CD limited to 500 copies: available!

NEP 44 EVIL - Rites of Cleansing 7" EP

Brandnew 7" EP by Brazilian cult horde EVIL. Limited edition of 300 copies. Comes with inlay. 

Released in alliance with Darker Than Black and Hammer of Damnation.

Sold out!

NEP 43 NECROSTRIGIS - Archaiczna Moc Zaswiatów CD

One of the few hordes holding high the torches and banners of the Polish Black Metal spirit of the early days. Not a suprise, knowing frontman Wened has been active since the 90's in hordes as Venedae and Gontyna Kry, yet refuses to water down or commercialise any of his artistic outputs. Reminding of such obscure cult hordes as Mysteries, Fullmoon, Legion and The Temple of Fullmoon fame, especially on the insane vocals.

This CD compiles the bands killer 7-inches as well as some exclusive stuff. Limited to 500 copies, released in alliance with Goatowarex.

Sold out!

NEP 42 GOATPENIS - Apocalypse War 12" EP

The Brazilian War Metal Commando returns with a limited edition, one-sided record including the 'Apocalypse War' mini. Pressed as an old-school 12" EP on 45rpm for best possible sound quality. Supreme vinyl mastering by Herjann of Tuianti Studio's! Comes with high gloss cover with PMS silver print and inlay.

Limited edition on black vinyl and 'mailorder-only' on grey/silver/marble.


NEP 41 COUNTESS - The Return of The Horned One LP

22 years after its original release, now for the first time on vinyl. The second album of the Dutch originators of 'Orthodox Black Metal' and one of the most requested albums for vinyl format in underground. Whereas the first album was primitive Bathory worship to many, this album was recorded by Orlok alone and presented a big improvement, yet still offering true, raw and grim black metal known for it's insane vocals. The album includes tracks like "Fire & blood", "Aleidis" and "Bloed in the sneeuw" (probably the first ever black metal track with Dutch lyrics) among others, there are no tracks on the album that over the years did not became classics for any fanatic of the band.

Mastered for optimal vinyl sound and limited to 500 handnumbered copies with inlay including all lyrics.
Split release with comrade Herjann of Heidens Hart.

Sold out!

NEP 40 BESTIAL SUMMONING - Sodomistic Rituals LP

The debut demo from 1992 on vinyl. Remastered in order to make it somewhat audible, this sounds perfect on black vinyl. Totally filthy as it is, hated by even Euronymous himself, I printed only 250 records. This, because there is no way in hell more than that amount of people will actually appreciate this!

The cover contains some old photo's and all sleeves are blood-splattered and handnumbered.

Sold out!


To the beautiful sound of cracking skulls, The Sinister Flame proudly presents its fifth issue, further exploring the abyss with ABIGOR, MARE, MORDOR, NÅSTROND, HIEROPHANT’S DESCENT, Temple of Them, XANTOTOL and Jarl Flagg Nidhögg of Darker Than Black (ex-Absurd).
Aside from interviews, the issue also includes review sections and a special article by Northern Heritage that focuses on the connection of nature and Black Metal. DEAD REPTILE SHRINE, SATANIC WARMASTER, MUSTA KAPPELI, PHLEGEIN and VORDR all discuss the relevance of natural surroundings to themselves and their artistic work.

With its 56/A4, designed by Briandvp and professionally printed in full colour, TSF serves you once more a unique insight into the black, esoteric undercurrent that flows at the core of genuine Black Metal while pouring scorn on the politically correct, entertainment-seeking, fools who try to tame its sinister spirit.

First press of 1.000 magazine.


NEP 39 MORNINGSTAR - Heretic Metal CD/LP

Originally released in 1995, this barbarian album never received the proper attention it deserved. The ultimate release in the discography of these Finnish heretics has now been re-released on both vinyl and CD. Totally raw and power-driven Heretic Metal one hardly ever hears anymore these days. Comes with new cover by Finnish artist Juha Vuorma. The CD is limited to 500 copies s a split release with Goatowarex. Vinyl edition comes in 250 handnumbered copies on heavy, 180gr white vinyl with poster and lyricsheet.

CD Sold out!
LP available!

NEP 38 POX - Door den Holder Verrezen 7" EP

After an excellent debut demotape in 2015 this young Flemish horde presents their first 7" EP! Limited to 250 copies it feautures one new song besides the great, older title track. Mid-tempo Blackened Metal that deserved to be pressed into black vinyl.
Fold out sleeve with great cover drawing.


NEP 37 DEATHROW - Like A Lion Devouring The Sun 7" EP

Fierce and powerful Black Metal with characteristic vocals from Tuscany, Italy. The main project of frontman Thorns (Acherontas, Fides Inversa, Darvaza etc) returns with their strongest release thus far. Traditional 7" EP limited to 250 handnumbered copies.
Split release with Asgard Hass from Switzerland.


NEP 36 INTOLITARIAN - Suicidal Allegiance MCD / 7"EP / TAPE

INTOLITARIAN was created and christened as “Berserkergrind Noisecore” in 2009 by Antichrist Kramer, with the sole purpose of unleashing the most devastating audial force on the planet, and to expose the music that dares to call itself “extreme”, as the pathetic, stagnant and weak filth that it is. INTOLITARIAN exists to punish, torture and murder the senses of all who perpetuate this modern world of degeneration and failure. No future, no victory and no equality for anyone or anything. No one is safe…

Limited edition digipak MCD, Tape and red, white and black vinyl 7"EP out now!


NEP XX NECROMANTIC WORSHIP - The Calling DIEHARD double-tape boxset

- Necromantic Worship 'The Calling' professional demotape, released by NWN! productions;
- Necromantic Worship 'S/T demo' professional tape with unreleased material from the recordingsessions of the first demo. Comes with seperate cover;
- Vellum-overlay cover for the jewelcase;
- Black cardboard slipcase with gold-foil print;
- Limited to 50 copies only, dedicated to the owner.

Sold out!

NEP 35 OCCULT - 1992-1993 CD/LP

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor OCCULT - 1992-1993 CD/LPOccult is the band formed by Sephiroth after Bestial Summoning called it quits. With this release New Era Productions and Hammerheart Records teamed up to present the “Studio Demo 1993” on LP and CD. As a bonus it will include the official and suitably raw "Livetape 1992”.

Cover has been re-done and audio has been remastered; comes with old photo's and lyrics. A true piece of Dutch Black Metal history!

Both the CD and LP are limited to 500 copies. CD as digipak with 8 page booklet, LP with inlay and in a clear and splatter edition of each 100, plus 300 regular black ones.

CD / LP available!

NEPXX BLASPHEMY - Fallen Angel of Doom - Dutch Demoniacs Edition LP

 I agreed with Nuclear War Now! productions to have a small printrun done on red-white-blue splattered vinyl of this essential Black/Death Metal classic. Blasphemy set foot on the Dutch stages since their first tour and has been returning ever since so this is some kind of tribute. So, far all Blasphemy maniacs and stamp-collectors:

- Limited to 100 handnumbered copies;
- Vellum-overlay obi-strip with silverfoil print;
- 11x16cm vinyl sticker;
- Plus the sleeve, poster and inlay of the regular edition.

 Sold out!

NEP 34 VISIONS OF THE DEAD SERPENT: The lyrics of Circle of Ouroborus BOOK

A selection of CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS lyrics from 2006 to unknown aeons.
All Finnish lyrics translated. Sofcover book, 100 A5 pages.

First edition of 100 copies - Sold out
Second edition of 100 copies - Available

NEP 33 DER BLUTHARSCH - Discography 12 x cassette boxset

For the first and only time ever: the complete Der Blutharsch album-discography on tape! Follow the intriguing musical journey of this unique band throughout 12 records in over 15 years. 12 professionally printed tapes, hold together in a stylish and sturdy box-set with silverfoil printing.

Limited edition of 188 copies!


NEP 32 FUNERAL WINDS - Sekhmet 7" EP

Sekhmet: Seven Arrows, Knife and Flame: After over eight years of silence, a new stab in the heart by Dutch cult horde Funeral Winds. Two new tracks, 4-sided inlay, limited edition. First 100 copies on blackened-blood red vinyl with extra sleeve with silverfoil logo.


NEP 31 MORDAEHOTH - Limburgian Pagan Madness CD / LP

Dutch Pagan Black Metal since ‘95: The new album shows a cold and harsh return to the roots. Each format comes with different bonus (cover) tracks, hailing the days of old. All bonus tracks are on the tape edition.

CD limited to 500, LP to 250 copies. Tape released by Heidens Hart.

CD available / LP  Sold out!

NEP 30 HERETIC / SABBAT – Split Picture EP

First part of a trilogy of Sabbat live picture EP’s, containing their first Dutch gig in Rotterdam, 1997.

For this first one, the Japanese Cult Hamaguri Blacking Metal legends  join forces with Dutch Satanic Black Sleazers HERETIC. One unreleased track plus a cover by Heretic, two fairly rare songs by SABBAT.  

Killer design by Brianvdp, including inlay and limited to a traditional 666 copies!


NEP 29 COUNTESS - The Gospel of the Horned One CD / LP

The 1993 debut album re-released. Improved cover, yet as identical as possible layout. No remaster bullshit: The sound remains as rotten as before. CD comes with 2 bonustracks, LP comes with inlay and xeroxed sheet with reviews from back in the days.

Released in alliance with Heidens Hart

CD sold out! / LP available

NEP 28 BOTULISTUM - Drank Nach Osten 7"

Return of the Peat Metal Perverts! Heavier than ever but still unmistakenbly the trademark fuck off-style that this sick ‘underground below the fucking underground’ band is known for: your soundtrack for heavy drinking sessions and starting fights!

Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl and 100 on pink, including an extra sleeve with pink-foil logo print. Released in alliance with Dying Sun records

Sold out!

NEP 27 ACHERONTAS - Black Blood Ceremony CD / LP

Blood-chilling and top-quality live recording of the band’s 2o14 gig in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Greatly capturing the atmosphere of ACHERONTAS' live performance, this record will be unleashed in a one-edition only print.

CD / LP available


The gates are open once more, as the black light of Lucifer illuminates the horizon. THE SINISTER FLAME returns with a striking Issue IV, this time entirely in full colour. Black Arts are practiced and Seven Fold Ways are walked with Sulphure of MMP TEMPLE, Michael Morthwork of HAMMEMIT, VK of VASSAFOR, Lord Mörder of SOL EVIL, Alina of LAMIA VOX, DeathMessiah of PROSELYTISM RECORDS and an anonymous member of IRKALLIAN ORACLE. In addition, D. Aggressor of DOMAINS kindly leads you inside the macabre reality of Sinister Ceremonies. The philosophy and ethos of Order of Nine Angles lies strong within the interviews but is also presenced via articles, ensuring that the calling of the depths will be heard.

Exquisitely designed and illustrated by Mikko Mattila (ISTEN) and professionally printed in full colour, with its 56/A4 pages THE SINISTER FLAME IV is a unique and unequaled platform for Satanic Wisdom and Art.

Released and distributed by NEW ERA PRODUCTIONS

1st edition of 1.000 copies - Available!

NEP 25 WELTBRAND - Contra 7"

This new 7" EP contains one new track and a cover of Ministry's 'Scarecrow', both remixed by St. Vincent of BLACKLODGE. Aggressive, industrialized nihilist assault Metal praise of those willing to sacrifice everything for one brief moment of glory!

Limited to 350 copies with embossed slevee, postcard and lyricsheet. Mailorder customers will receive the aids-infected, red-black haze vinyl!


NEP 24 TARTAROS - Darkened Destiny CD

August 2o13: Dark, mid-tempo Black from the Netherlands, recorded back in 1997. A totally underrated Dutch cult album finally resurrected on CD after Damnation Distribution released the LP over a decade ago. Limited to 500 handnumbered copies, just like the LP. 


Tape edition released by our allies of Heidens Hart.

NEP 23 DEATH KARMA - A Life Not Worth Living MCD

Blackened Death Metal from the Czech Republic with a total rotten and sickening atmosphere. Crudely performed by Cult of Fire and Maniac Butcher members and even hailing the late GG Allin. Limited to 500 handnumbered copies.


NEP 22 LANZ / THE PARENTS OF OUDE PEKELA - Excrement Terrorism on the Holy Trinity Pt.2 7" EP

August 2o13: Second part of this 7” trilogy showing the most HARSH and BRUTAL face of the true perverted Dutch underground! LANZ presents the follow up of 'Slik mijn Zaad voor Satan', het Ware Satanisch levenslied, while THE PARENTS OF OUDE PEKELA punch you in your face with a totally over the top Black-noise track in the tradition of the first 7".

Limited to 350 handnumbered copies with full colour cover and inlay. Mailorder customers will receive a colored, name-numbered copy. The final part of this trilogy will see the light of life in in the future.


NEP 21 INFINITY - Non de Hac Terra CD/LP

The new full-length album of Dutch INFINITY will emphasize their position on the throne of the Dutch Black Metal scene: Eight unearthly tracks of powerfull, aggressive and melodic Black Metal in praise of Lucifer!

Hailing Absu, Dissection and old Immortal, a magnificent production, mastered by Funeral Winds' H.Xul at Necromanteion Studio and the coverpainting by master Necrolord (Emperor, Dissection, Bathory) makes this an essential release!

LP layout is printed in full-colour with silver texting, including high-gloss silverfoil embossed print on the heavy cardboard cover. Massive 12-paged full colour LP-sized booklet, print-inside-sleeve, Heavy vinyl and limited to 500 copies in total of which 100 copies on transparant blue with solid white splatter vinyl!

CD and LP available (Tape edition released by THE RITUAL productions)

NEP 20 VENEROR - Percussimus Foedus Cum Morte CD/LP

1-1-2o13: Serpentine Black Metal from Italy bearing the okkult atmosphere of Necromass, Altar of Perversion and Mortuary Drape, yet with a personal sound. Powerfully recorded and equally agressive and melodic, VENEROR will slit your throat and crush your heart with hands cold as DEATH itself.

One of the best debut albus of recent times; designed with majestic art by Necromantic Art (Swe) and layout by Ba'al (Hol). Co-released with Hexencave from Slovakia.

Sold out!

NEP19 CHARLES MANSON - The Hallways of the Always LP

November 2o12: Later recordings, recorded at the Vacaville Medical Facility in ‘82, ’84 & ‘85. Professionally mastered and again limited to 500 copies! Co-released with Neue Äesthetik from Deutschland.

Sold out!

NEP 18 BHAOBHAN SIDHE - Gas Chamber Music CD

October 2o12: This CD contains the complete discograhpy of Bhaobhan Sidhe from the early 90ies, namely 'The New Order' 7" EP, the 'Corpse Crater', 'Shower Power' and 'Jinx' demo's. The 7" offers primitive rythmic Black metal with drum machine, while the demo's are monotonous electronic/ambient with total misanthropic orientation. Mastermind and ex-Bestial Summoning guitarist Cons committed suicide on his 35th birthday. After the Bestial Summonig re-issues this CD closes his legacy and we'll leave him to dwell in the pits of Hell! Co-released with STI.


NEP 17 CHRISTFIGHTER - Satan's Perversion CD

2o12: Bringing some light to the New Era cataogue, this CD compilation features the "Christfuck", "Satan's Lust" & "Zieke Zielen" demotapes and the split with Botulistum by this HERETIC side project celebrating Rotting Perverted Lo-Fi Devilworshipping Black Porno Noise! Recorded back in '98 and '99 and in the vein of Ildjarn, early Heretic, Botulistum, Havohej, Goatvulva, Elvis Presley and VON.
Co-released with STI and limited to only 500 copies!

Sold out!

NEP 16 BESTIAL SUMMONING - The Dark War has Begun LP

2o12 re-release of this Dutch 1992 Black Metal cult album. Considered too extreme and primitive by basically everyone back then and even hated by Euronymous himself!
Only 666 handnumbered copies again should be enough to feed the hunger for this. As identical in sound and layout to the original as possible. Split release with STI and Heidens Hart.

Sold out!

NEP 15 CHARLES MANSON - Songs from the Sick City LP

July 2o12 One of the few man eager to really open the gates to the new era is without doubt American cult leader Charles Manson. This official record contains studio sessions from 1967. Remastered in 2011, Luftschutzkerker, Switzerland. Additional mastering and artwork by John Milton XIII. Limited edition of 500 copies with printed innsersleeve. Co-released with Neue Äesthetik from Deutschland.

Sold out!

NEP 14 BESTIAL SUMMONING - Live in Venray '92 7"

Limited edition 2o12 re-issue to celebrate the release of this cult 7" 20 years ago. As identical in sound and layout to the original as possible. Also meant as appetizer for the re-issue of 'The Dark War has Begun' LP later this year.

Sold out!

NEP 13 INFINITY - Back to the Source (Summon the Black Flame) CD

Januari 2012: Aggressive yet melodic Black Metal from The Netherlands. One of the most 'professional' sounding releases our underground label released thus far. INFINITY already exists since 1998 and keeps growing stronger and stronger with each released, having some of the best Dutch Black Metal musicians in it's line-up.
This CD contains 5 new and re-recorded tracks with killer sound as well as covers of Dissection, Immortal and Bathory. This CD can be seen as an appetizer for their new full length album later this year. Also contains two videoclips.

Printed in an edition of 666 copies of which 250 are handnumbered digipaks.
Co-released with Obscure Abhorrence from Germany.

Sold out!


November 2011: The CD edition of the rare vinyl 10” we did some years ago. Besides the covers of the Der Bluharsch tracks both bands did you will also find the original tracks by Der Blutharsch on this one, making it a very lengthy CD. This album will appeal to both Black/Pagan Metal fans as well as those of DER BLUTHARSCH.

We printed close to a 1000 to keep this one widely available! Black silkscreened print on heavy black paper cover make this an absolute jewel in every collection!

First 99 copies come as A5-digipak release, name-numbered to the buyer!


NEP 12 THE BEING - From Madness to mercury CD/LP

2010: Released in alliance with the protagonist of this project and his label. The Being’s debut album deals with the concept of inner-transformation and personal growth on a spiritual level by combining the arts of philosophy & poetry, music & magic into one coherent whole.

A musical style perhaps best described as Satanic neofolk/neocabaret - though not strictly bound to a genre as such - takes the listener on a journey through a the realms of self-transformation with a strange, unworldly and experimental mixture of moodswings that intentionally shock the mind and purposefully disturb the mental balance. 500 luxorious copies of the digi-CD with 20 page booklet and 250 copies of the horny, Brown vinyl, 12” in fold-around,.custom-made cover including all lyrics were printed thus far.

LP: Sold out / CD: Available

NEP 11 MORDAEHOTH - Eens weer Prevaleert het Heidens Hart CD/LP/MC

2010: Nice co-release with out sweet ally of Heidens Hart! After the ritual number of nine years since the release of the ‘Bloedwraak’ debut CD MORDAEHOTH returns from the fog-veiled swamps of the pagan lowlands to present their new ful-length album. Carved, burnt and built during these nine years, ‘Eens weer prevaleert het heidens hart’ offers the ultimate grim Pagan Black Metal opus from the Netherlands: long and dark warhymns blending utter melancholy over lost ages with flaming hatred for the postmodern world.. and pride in taking action AGAINST it!

In a truly overcrowded scene we agree that MORDAEHOTH deserves your attention by standing out with a mix Pagan and Black with influences of dark-folk and added athmosphere by keyboard and clear vocals.

In an age where blogspots and downloads rape true underground mentality we offer you the format of choice in exquisite presentation:


- CD in A5-digipack edition with 16-page booklet, limited and handnumbered to only 500 handnumbered copies. Normal edition will follow after these are gone.
- LP in white vinyl, 12”x24” fold-out cover and 16 A5 pages booklet, limited and handnumbered to 300 copies.
50 extra were presses on white-green splatter vinyl with a bonus CD-r with meditative tracks and a booklet with interviews with the involved artists. Mostly meant for friends, but if you ask kindly the involved parties might have a few left.
- Tape on pro-printed, high-quality tapes, limited and handnumbered to 300 copies only. All printing is done on in full-colour on high-gloss, laminted paper: stunning!

LP sold out, CD available, tape edition via Heidens Hart!

NEP 10 GULAGGH - Vorkuta CD

2010: The continuation of STALAGGH, losing some and adding some members involved in the initial project. Fairly more ‘orchestral’ and ‘symphonic’ in a non-convential way. Totally un-commercial release, printed in 300 pro-copies. Comes handnumbered on a silk-screened, heavy grey cardboard cover.


Sold out!

NEP XX STALAGGH - Pure Misanthropia CD

2008: After STALAGGH released this on AUTOPSY KITCHEN (RIP) we found the original harsh mix much more suitable. It’s over ten minutes longer as well so in the end the band agreed to have us release this in a tiny edition of 300 handnumbered copies. As it is some sort of ‘private release’ no catalogue number again. Comes with cheaply printed booklet and alternative cover. 


Sold out!

NEP 08 STALAGGH - Stalaggh 7"

2006: Another appetizer at that time, for the coming last album, :projekt misanthropia: as final part of the trilogy (released by Autopsy Kitchen). One sided-7” single on heavy vinyl, with the numbers scratched, graved and/or drilled into it. 100 copies in existence, but as the factory pressed a minimum of 250 copies about 150 were smashed and destroyed and pieces were added to few of the remaning sold copies.

Sold out!

NEP XX STALAGGH – Projekt terrror: A Visualization DVDr

2006: A small run of 50 DVDr’s of this sick and disturbing yet extremely suitable visualization to STALAGGH’s ‘projekt terrror’ album. Visuals by RIGOR MORTIS, the Dutch label (RIP-again, like all STALAGGH labels, as if cursed) who also did another digipak edition of the album. No catalogue number as we didn’t consider this an ‘official release’. Later on this was officially released as a professional DVD by AUTUMN WINDS from the US (guess what – RIP)

Sold out!

NEP XX STALAGGH - :projekt terrror: CD

2005: Second part of the trinity and no ‘catalogue-number’, as released together with our old ally Hakan of TOTAL HOLOCAUST productions, who also licensed STALAGGH’s :projekt nihil: for vinyl release. First edition were a 1000 in jewelcase edition, later on Rigor Mortis did another 2000 copies in a digipak edition. We have a FEW LEFT of the digipak and Hakan/Total Holocaust still sells the jewelcase edition.

Sold out!

NEP 07 WELTBRAND - Radiance of a thousand suns CD

2004: The debut album of this extremely underrated Dutch ‘Nihilistic Assault Metal’ horde. After the band released this as professional CDr themselves we decided to print a thousand more. Highly underrated album and band!


Sold out!

NEP 666 ALTAR OF PERVERSION / MORDAEHOTH - Tributo a Der Blutharsch 10" MLP

2005: Unique project on which Italian ALTAR OF PERVERSION and Dutch MORDAEHOTH do Black/Pagan Metal interpretations of Der Blutharsch tracks, a Cult Austrian Neofolk/martial Group, for those not knowing. 500 planned copies ended up being only 300 as the factory misprinted 100 LP’s with some Czech trance/techno-shit on it.

96 copies as die-hard collector fetish edition on grey/silver vinyl including a magazine with interviews with all three involved acts, some pins, stickers and other bullshit. A few of it’s buyers were happy enough to also receive a free mispress LP as bonus.

Sold out


2003: First and probably last cassette ever done by New Era. 300 pro-printed cassettes with a nice cover on golden paper. Of course, handnumbered. About 100 tapes ended up missing because of our reliable partner for this release, the PolishBlutreinheit. So, in the end 200 copies exist.


Sold out!

NEP 04 BOTULISTUM / DOMINI INFERI – Acts of excrement terrorism on the holy trinity split 7"

2003: split 7” with BOTULISTUM being the first, main band of the URFAUST guys and DOMINI INFERI as side-project of Helchrist Xul of cult horde FUNERAL WINDS. 666 copies pressed, about half of these as piss-and-shit colored vinyl, other half black. Most came with double sided inlay and handnumbered. Original plan was to issue this as First part of three releases, all including desecrated Christian statues on the cover. Time will tell if the other two parts will ever be released.

Sold out!

NEP 03 STALAGGH - :projekt nihil: digipak CD

2003: First part of the :STALAGGH: trilogy, digipak in 1000 handnumbered copies. Most minimalist release of this extreme entity.

Sold out!

NEP 02 MORDAEHOTH - Bloedwraak: Verdoem al 't christelijk leven CD

2003: debut album of one of the Netherlands oldest Pagan/Black Metal hordes. 1200 copies printed, 300 copies handnumbered including different extra covers. A re-release is in the plans.

Sold out!

NEP 01 STALAGGH - Stalaggh 7"EP

2001: official debut release of :STALAGGH: and the debut release of the reformed NEW ERA label, what used to be the cassette-label of Sigwyrd of Mordaehoth.
This 7" was wimited to 300 handnumbered copies, including an inlay. Printed as appetizer for the debut album.


Sold out!

New releases

NEP 31 MORDAEHOTH - Limburgian Pagan Madness CD / LP

Dutch Pagan Black Metal since ‘95: The new album shows a cold and harsh return to the roots. Each format comes with different bonus (cover) tracks, hailing the days of old. All bonus tracks are on...

NEP 27 ACHERONTAS - Black Blood Ceremony CD / LP

Blood-chilling and top-quality live recording of the band’s 2o14 gig in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Greatly capturing the atmosphere of ACHERONTAS' live performance, this record will be unleashed in a...