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Wëřšlüüğ Mëthëlmëžqhül - Čöäğülätëd TAPE

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Shambling within the parasitic depths of the slime soaked ones, suckling upon the gelatinous bosom of the multi-layered meld master, writhes that enigmatic entity, shaking scum and grime from its fetters of fume, whispered only by those insane, by those who know it as the Wëřšlüüğ Mëthëlmëžqhül. Injected into the world of mortals in the age of 2021, Wëřšlüüğ Mëthëlmëžqhül is a scion of the kellersynth movement, electronic emissions of fantastical horror that stand upon the territories of balck metal, dungeon synth and dark carnival ambience sounds.

Wëřšlüüğ Mëthëlmëžqhül Čöäğülätëd is the filth foam flecked passage into the diseased spheres of the immortal insane. An eerie collection of mechanical percussion, warbling melodies, industrial malfeasance and black circus ambience; that which coagulates slithers circles of snail sorrow around those that it possesses. Those it weeps flesh fuel from.An incantation that was once released before, but now reinvigorated with bonus spells upon the other side of the acid tape, Wëřšlüüğ Mëthëlmëžqhül Čöäğülätëd is the ultimate form of this deranged excursion into the grume gaseous of the slug shaman penance pits.


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Wëřšlüüğ Mëthëlmëžqhül  - Čöäğülätëd TAPE

Wëřšlüüğ Mëthëlmëžqhül - Čöäğülätëd TAPE

Goatowarex China import



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