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Heretic - Tape Traitors DCD

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Heretic - the legendary juggernaut of sleazy black metal punks they are known as these days, started a good 20 years ago as a bass laden distorted lo fi mixture of black metal and doom; an obvious but respectful  Barathrum and Beherit worship to glorify Satan. Simultaneously , Heretic, among only the filthiest of the  black metal scene, raised a giant middle finger to the emerging cesspool of theatrical clowns that claimed to play black metal at the time...

Heretic officially released 4 demo's before their debut album, in which they already displayed plenty of variety within their primitive approach; Thy Worship was a unique but convincing pitch black homage to the legendary band Barathrum; Hells Ceremony a primitive black doom trip to the very depths of the abyss; Pentagram Kult a relentlessly destructive force from hell which - till this day - retains its powerful energy through sheer simplicity; and Angel Destruction, which combined the characteristics of the previous demo's in a more focused approach in 4 distinctive yet relentless black metal attacks.

This stuff has become hard to find - but not hard to keep for the true heretic maniac. The first cd, Black Metal Holocaust, was released and it was great, but if you knew better, it was just a bit too clean...

These demo's are the vile and ugly black metal roots from which 20 years of devil worship sprung, so here you go. Now start praising Satan or fuck off!


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