The Spirit Cabinet - Bloodlines Digipak-CD (restock)

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FINALLY the new album!

As the pioneering debut album ?Hystero Epileptic Possessed? (2015) grew and intensified over the years, a further library of talismanic titles was created culminating in the creation of their current sophomoric work of art. With ?Bloodlines?, THE SPIRIT CABINET consolidate their power and performing passion by invocating a host of visionary arts and classic recordings. Exhilarating countertenors of the modern era, having been painstakingly constructed by the companionship headed by musicologist Mr. Hällström and emphasizing the artist's interaction with his repertoire and the sheet music books. On ?Bloodlines?, Mr. Hällström presents his guitar works, Dr. Vilsmeier executes his haunting bass lines, Mr. Fleedwood mesmerizes on percussion, and the ensemble is complemented by Mr. McRuffkin on baritone voice. Home listening ? tied for half a century to Bakelite 78rpm shellac discs ? has undergone huge changes over the last decades. In spite of that, Gramophone magazine's annual awards commend THE SPIRIT CABINET for both their digital and analogue aspects as a ?special illumination, magic, a spiritual quality of outstanding production values."

THE SPIRIT CABINET treats aspects of experience no other bands have the boldness to address. These are the songs of our irrationality, our instinctual savagery; hymns to madness and bedevilment...


1. Devils in the Details
2. In Antique Vortex
3. Satan the Healer
4. The Medium in the Mask
5. Subtle Art of Sleep Paralysis
6. The Celestial Intelligencer


Snake McRuffkin - Vocals (Urfaust / Meth Assassin)
Johnny Hällström - Guitars (Grimm / Zwartketterij)
Erich Vilsmeier - Bass (Cirith Gorgor)
Cromwell Fleedwood - Drums (Hooded Priest)


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The Spirit Cabinet - Bloodlines Digipak-CD (restock)

The Spirit Cabinet - Bloodlines Digipak-CD (restock)

FINALLY the new album!



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