Dark Blaze 'zine 1 - 4 hardcover BOOK

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Hardcover book featuring with reprints all four issues of the infamous Dark Blaze fanzine from Poland.

Issue 1. 1995
Interviews: Perunwit, Graveland, Infernum, Bethlehem, Aghast, Grand Belial’s Key, Morke, Black Funeral, Varathron, Unpure, In The Woods…, Obtained Enslavement, Hades
Articles: The Beast of Gevaudan, Heretic terrorism, Demon, Satanism, Black Metal and the Elite, Black Metal and Ritual Paint, From Xmas to Solar Rites…, Goatriders in Limburg, First Steps to Perfection, Till Death of Present Religions, Fulcanelli, Murder and Violence… War!
Dozens of band and label biographies Hundreds of reviews
Issue 2. 1996
Interviews: Abigor, Armagedon, Capricornus, Xantotol, Dimmu Borgir, Gehenna, Avatar, Enthroned, Penitent, Veles, Vargariket, Puissance, Parnassus, Mordor, Troll, Covenant
Articles: Grzegorz Jurgielewicz – betrayer, Price Vlad Draculea Tepes, … And Justice For All, War Against Christianity (Part 2)
Dozens of band and label biographies Hundreds of reviews
Issue 3. 1999
Interviews: Absurd, Dean Adams, Venomous, Blackdeath, Ofermod, Nokturnal Mortum, Negura Bunget, Grand Belial’s Key, Osculum Infame, Limbonic Art, Obtained Enslavement
Articles: Icelandic Taufr, Psychodynamic – The Science of Pagan Spirituality, Nicotine, War Against Christianity (Part 3), Is the War Lost?, The Words of Wisdom from the Past, The Ethics of Slavery, Vampirism – An Outline of the Genera, Fraternitas Loki Ethos of Change, The Satanic Bible: A Revelation or a Fraud?, Satanic Philosophy, Pentagram, Fragments from a Soldier’s Diary, Life is War - War is Life, Islam – Another weed from the same roots…,
Dozens of band and label biographies
Issue 4. 2001
Interviews: Temnozor, Stellar Winter, Sturm, Pagan, Horna, Botulistum, Fluisterwoud, Lord Wolf, Thunderbolt, Realms of Blood, Kristallnacht, Ohtar, Selbstmord, Honor, Odala, Gontyna Kry, Dark Fury, Naer Mataron, Abyssic Hate, Galgenberg,
Articles: The Great God UR: Double-edged Sword, All Hail the Accuser (Satan and the West),
Dozens of band and label biographies


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Dark Blaze 'zine 1 - 4 hardcover BOOK

Dark Blaze 'zine 1 - 4 hardcover BOOK



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