The Gates - ... Of Pandemonium (Magic Metal Mafia) Digipak CD

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Stepping from kaleidoscopic plains of vigorous colour and opening the firmament between their world and that of the mortal spirit, unchains that hallucinogenic entity known only by the rainbow fist of The Gates. This Canadian monolith of glittering frost casts spells in vein of what it calls Metal Magic, a fuzzy black doom reverie of crushing power chord and psychedelic wonder, one that carries a great grove of infectious melody made possible by arch worship of the sacred mushroom. So it was that this entity should align itself then with the iron trance meditations of GoatowaRex drug haze mastery, bringing the debut incantation of this entity to acolytes upon digital disk of devastation.

…Of Pandemonium is a potent chemical incantation that combines the analogue haze of psychedelic driven hard rock, organ blessed synth expression, and tomb cult black acane objective. A riveting fusilade of infectious guitar melodies, choral vocal oration, ravishing black rasps, upbeat fuzz atmospherics, and a driving force of composition that leaves no chance for boredom amongst the fungal roots of entranced black rot ruination. Those pleased by these words should take no chance in obtaining this powerful lambast of hazy drug induced dreams, for the nights are long here with the dark lord, the ghost of the knight waiting for no mortal when the gates are unlocked for all to witness.

Available soon upon digital disk of drudgery. The cosmic crypt is reborn in gaze of the beast.


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The Gates  - ... Of Pandemonium (Magic Metal Mafia) Digipak CD

The Gates - ... Of Pandemonium (Magic Metal Mafia) Digipak CD



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